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Minute Magic

Minute Magic is an AR prototyping tool for the Magic Leap that enables non-coders to easily create XR experinces. We realized that a 3D prototyping app will also allow experienced XR devs to quickly try ideas and let users test them since so much of XR development is about finding mechanics that feel great in 3D space.

Minute Magic can be broken down into 3 sections. First, it allows users to create 3D objects using primitives. These primitives can have different colors, scales, positions, and rotations that the user can define. The second section of the app allows you to add attributes to these objects, such as animations, convert them to spawners that eject other objects, and modify collision properties. One of the attributes that we demoed allowed users to define keyframes. The third section of the app allows you to play with what you created! In our demo, this involved destroying your creations as they move around them!

I created Minute Magic as part of MIT Reality Hack 2022 with Anna Brewer (who also edited the video below). The project was used as a foundation by a CS 7470 Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing research team at Georgia Tech that I mentored.

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