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Head Worn Display Exhibition

I helped create the head-worn display (HWD) exhibition as part of the Contextual Computing Group led by Prof. Thad Starner. The exhibition's main goal was to teach attendees some of the biggest challenges of making HWDs for everyday wear. Attendees experienced live demos of the most popular HWDs of recent years and learned what the headsets did right and where challenges still remain. Attendees also received guided tours of one of the world’s largest personal collections of HWDs and learned how the field has transformed over the last 30 years.

I along with my team created interactive demos on various headsets such as the Magic Leap, Hololens 2, Epson BT-30 and Google Glass EE2 to showcase the challenges previously mentioned. The exhibition was presented at ISWC 2022 and GVU Expo 2022 among other events. I along with my team have been continuously working on updating the exhibition and generally present it once every few months. To find the date and time for the next showcase, feel free to contact me. To learn more, click on the link below.

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